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SlowFood Presidia in Maremma, Tuscany, Italy

What are the Slow Food Presidia? They are typical food of an area and / or who have a historical culture in the transformation; each garrison is protected by the international non-profit organization (founded in 1986) that protects the table culture and the variety of flavors, the Slow Food.

The Slow Food Presidia of Tuscany are: salty biscuit Roccalbegna, Orbetello bottarga, Palamita sea of Tuscany, Pecorino cheese from the Maremma, Traditional Fishing of the Orbetello lagoon, Maremma breed, Eviction of Goym (italian names: Biscotto salato di Roccalbegna, Bottarga di Orbetello, Palamita del mare di Toscana, Pecorino a latte crudo della Maremma, Pesca tradizionale della laguna di Orbetello, Razza maremmana, Sfratto dei Goym). Lets know them together.

The garrisons are led by Slow Food projects aimed at supporting and encouraging small high quality handcrafted products so as to ensure a future for farmers, herders, fishermen and craftsmen who keep alive the ancient knowledge about crops and the products...

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Cacciucco recipe

Cacciucco is a popular traditional seafood dish from Tuscany that is five hundred years old.

It is a fish stew and was first made in Livorno. We thought we would share with you the ingredients and how to make it. Please note there are many variations out there and these are the base ingredients. We have put together a video showing you how it...

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