* A journey to discover the authentic Maremma

Canaloni del Farma hidden corner

I Canaloni del Torrente Farma is a very secret off the beaten path group of waterfalls that passes through the middle of the forest near Rocca Strada.

A true hidden corner, known for years by locals it takes about 30-45 minutes to reach walking along a path, that follows the river. Or parking near the village of Scalvaia and taking a bicycle along the forest road. Either way when you make it there...

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"Vie Cave" left by Etruscans till now

The cuts of the Vie Cave are little known creations by the Etruscans. They are made in the tuff rock. 

The cuts of the Vie Cave are little known creations by the Etruscans. They are made in the tuff rock. There are many hypotheses of their use including collecting water, communication channels, strategic roads, and tombs. Walking down these “cuts”...

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Cala Civette is a beach...

Cala Civette Beach is located between Cala Violina and Punta Ala Beaches.

To get to this isolated beach there are two main ways, either walking along the coastal route from Cala Violina or By taking the coastal route from Close to Camping Punta Ala.   The beach is characterised by a completely natural state with...

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Return Journey contemporary artistic garden by Il Leccio Farm

"Return Journey" is staged in the Farm Il Leccio in Buriano near Castiglione della Pescaia

"Return Journey" Exhibition of contemporary art artist Rodolfo Lacquaniti. Is staged in the Farm Il Leccio in Buriano near Castiglione della Pescaia. The theme exhibition "The return trip” is included in the natural beauty of a farm in the heart...

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Tenuta agricola La Badiola, Castiglione della Pescaia

"La ​Badiola"

Classic Maremman Landscapes

Tenuta La Badiola is at the centre of the Tuscan Maremma Close to the Mediterranean Sea a few kilometres from Castiglione della Pescaia, in the words of the owners,   “The view from the estate stretches as far as the eye can see, to where the...

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Isola di Giannutri, Villa Romana (foto di Sergio Giorgi)

Visits to the Roman villa of the island of Giannutri, Tuscan Archipelago

The Roman villa in Giannutri opens in winter to groups.

The island of Giannutri was 'Rifiugio' since the Etruscan and Roman. Lying on the seabed shipwrecks of merchant ships that testify commerciocon the mainland. The Roman era has conspicuously left the Villa Domizia, with a huge terrace directly...

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Hidden path to Monastic ruins of San Guglielmo.

Behind the hills easily just behind Castiglione della Pescaia which is worth a walk to especially if you feel a change from the beach are the Monastic ruins of San Guglielmo.

These ruins are an important sign of growth of an order of the Catholic church and are named after William of Maleval who lived there around 1155.

“William of Maleval (or William the Great) (died 10 February 1157) was the founder of the Catholic congregation of Williamites, a branch of theHermits of St. Augustine. He was beatified in 1202.” (WIKI 2016)    Maleval, is...

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Sant’Anna’s hermitage

Gems hidden up in the hills surrounding Tirli.

The Maremma area has historically been an area that has seen many thousands of years of human activity with many signs of that dotted over the landscape. Our aim over time is to show you some of those features and visit them to see what they are...

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