Vetulonia is an ancient Etruscan commercial harbour, that a time was overlooking the lagoon of Prile. In the centuries Earth has changed, and now the lagoon has became the plain of Grosseto. Now the town is still alive with its ancient traditions and Etruscan evident footprints.
Vetulonia is an ancient settlement located on the hills behind Castiglione della pescaia in a commanding position that dates back to Etruscan times. From a distance it looks like “another” hill town, make a short journey up it and that soon changes as you are thrust into the ruins of an etruscan town from 3000 years ago.
The village sits promininantely on the hillside.
The church dominates the town and has been present since before the 11th century. Constant historical modifications have changed it from it’s original roman structure.
Etruscan ruins surround the town and countryside, here just before entering the town, a full size settlement abandoned and restored beckons, with original road structures, wall outlines and wells. Recently even more dwellings have been unearthed and studied. With all the findings being held in the local museum (Which we will visit in a later news).
However life in the town continues in modern times with winter time chores being similar to many thousands of years ago, just a different method of collecting the firewood.
The town is characterised by many small squares with prominent buildings.
There are also these small alleys and arches, making you feel secure as you hunt out hidden things in corners. Here a bar. there is only one road in and one road out easy to defend in ancient times.
Just thought these squares lies this view. Vetulonia was possibly chosen for the ability to see people coming from all directions, here Grossetto lies in the distance. Like a toy town, the eye finds so many things to look at in one scene.
Looking southwest, the sea of Castiglione, it is worth noting that in ancient times the flat land surrounding Vetulonia was marsh land and a great lake. So its distance then was much closer to a source of water.