In the Centre of Sorano rising above the town is the fortress of Orsini. Frequently the focus of Power and historical battles, Sorano was part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and eventually part of Italy in 1860, in fact at the entrance of the town is a monument to joining the Kingdom of Italy.  

The castle in the centre is apparently an extremely important example of Renaissance architecture focused on a military use. The large terrace was carved from the natural stone on order of Gran Duke Leopold.

In the centre also find the cathedral of San Pietro e Paolo which is surrounded by the very tight packed medievalvial housing. 

A wander around a small old town is worth a few hours of time to take in and appreciate the architecture and situation of the citadel in the surrounding nature. One can appreciate the importance of such a location. Also worth walking on the hills around and looking back at the town.

Surrounding the town is a large quantity of Etruscan tombs and other archaeological features. Also close by is the thermal bath's of Sorano.