* A journey to discover the authentic Maremma

Sorano, the elegance town in Tuff area

Sorano hangs from the valleyside of Tuff rock high above the Lente River, 90 km from Castiglione delle Pescaia. First mentioned in the third century BC, it was originally and Etruscan city. 

  In the Centre of Sorano rising above the town is the fortress of Orsini. Frequently the focus of Power and historical battles, Sorano was part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and eventually part of Italy in 1860, in fact at the entrance of...

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"Vie Cave" left by Etruscans till now

The cuts of the Vie Cave are little known creations by the Etruscans. They are made in the tuff rock. 

The cuts of the Vie Cave are little known creations by the Etruscans. They are made in the tuff rock. There are many hypotheses of their use including collecting water, communication channels, strategic roads, and tombs. Walking down these “cuts”...

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Discovering Pitigliano

Pitigliano is located about 80km from Castiglione della Pescaia, the town is famous for its Jewish community.

With the synagogue and an ancient ghetto the historical presence of Jews in Italy is well-established. It is constructed on top of a tuff rock outcrop above rivers that confluence below. The synagogue dates from 1598, unfortunately we can't take...

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Buriano Is located about 20km from Castiglione, and is a very characteristic hill top town with a small population.

The village first appeared in the Early Middle Ages, when it was one of the towns held by the Aldobrandeschi family; then it was ruled by the Lambardisand by the Appianis of Piombino until 1815.   Recently a small Museo has been established...

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Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima appeared as a place of settlement in the early Middle Ages, seat of Populonia was located here around 1000 AD.

Built on the rocky travertine outcrop, it sits high up over the landscape and it is possible to see across to Follonica and the coast. 30 minutes from Castiglione della Pescaia, it is easily accessible by car. After the initial domination of the Republic...

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Scarlino medieval town

Scarlino is a small hilltop town based close the Bandite di Scarlino forest area.

With a small castle on the top of the rocky outcrop the medieval town radiates below following the contours of the hill as it clings to the hill side. With a number of restaurants and a few historic churches wherever you look there is an amazing view....

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It is the most populous city in the Maremma, with 82,284 inhabitants and a historical past.

Thirty minutes away from Castiglione della Pescaia.  Definitely worth a trip for a morning, where one can wander around the old town and visit the Castle.  Grosseto steadily grew in importance over the centuries, until it was one of the...

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Biking in the hills around Castiglione della Pescaia

Biking in the hills around Castiglione della Pescaia

A beautiful experience that is possible for many levels of rider.

Following our latest off-road route we rode some gravel roads and single trails up the hills and back down to the coast. Castiglione della Pescaia (italy - Tuscany) has been increasingly the focus of biking for the last few years, including the Giro...

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Hidden path to Monastic ruins of San Guglielmo.

Behind the hills easily just behind Castiglione della Pescaia which is worth a walk to especially if you feel a change from the beach are the Monastic ruins of San Guglielmo.

These ruins are an important sign of growth of an order of the Catholic church and are named after William of Maleval who lived there around 1155.

“William of Maleval (or William the Great) (died 10 February 1157) was the founder of the Catholic congregation of Williamites, a branch of theHermits of St. Augustine. He was beatified in 1202.” (WIKI 2016)    Maleval, is...

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Roselle Roman Theater entrance

Visit to Roselle ruins in Tuscany

Archeological areas in Maremma, Tuscany, Italy.

Rusellae (ancient name of the actual Roselle): Archeological Park Evocative assay of Etruscan and Roman vestiges. 

Roselle Archaeological Park is situated in Roselle, Grosseto      Evocative assay of Etruscan and Roman vestiges which still live in the splendid Roman theater which has been perfectly preserved and acts as a backdrop to famous...

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Hill town with Etruscan origins in Tuscany.

Vetulonia is an ancient Etruscan commercial harbour, that a time was overlooking the lagoon of Prile. In the centuries Earth has changed, and now the lagoon has became the plain of Grosseto. Now the town is still alive with its ancient traditions and...

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