* A journey to discover the authentic Maremma

Punta Ala beach

Punta Ala beach is one of the lesser spoken about beaches being at the confines for the Castiglione commune, however at eight kilometres in length with a large number of beach services, it is a particularly interesting place to visit.

  The beauty is evident, with unbroken golden sand and turquoise water, the bay of Punta Ala is hidden behind the large amount of Mediterranean pine trees. It is possible to walk through these pine trees the whole length of the beach, until you...

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Cala Civette is a beach...

Cala Civette Beach is located between Cala Violina and Punta Ala Beaches.

To get to this isolated beach there are two main ways, either walking along the coastal route from Cala Violina or By taking the coastal route from Close to Camping Punta Ala.   The beach is characterised by a completely natural state with...

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Castiglione della Pescaia North Beaches

Castiglione is divided into two beach zones separated by the main Bruna river that passes through the town. Both locations are equally attractive places to appreciate the beach environment. Here we take a look at the North zone.

Firstly the beach has a boardwalk that passes along the sea front, here you can gain access to all of the different beach “bagni” with there various services including bars, restaurants, umbrella services, and changing facilities. The North...

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Castiglione Southern beaches

The southern part of Castiglione has beach Bagni and a Boardwalk very similar to the North.

The beaches of the southern part are connected to the very long beach without “Bagni” that is found southwards towards Marina di Grosseto. Lungomare di Levante is within walking distance of the main parking spots, and is also good with...

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Punta Ala beach, the Italian Caribbean

Fine very white sand that sets off the crystal clear sea and the thick pinewood.... 

To the north of Punta Ala and south of Cala Violina is one of those beaches that I never want to leave. The wild pinewood leads us directly onto this white beach of very fine sand. In the distance to the right and left rocky spur can be seen. They say...

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Beach Life Guard at Castiglione della Pescaia and surroundings.

Beach Life Guard at Castiglione della Pescaia and surroundings.

The beaches of Castiglione della Pescaia benefit from being located along a coastline with calm waters and stable weather patterns, however any tourist will find on all the main beaches life guard stations keeping a watchful eye out for anyone who needs their help.

In general there are Life guards stationed every hundred metres or so along the beaches. We met one of them called Alex Smoke, who showed us what he does each day. Each life guard has a complete kit of life saving equipment at their disposal, including...

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Riding along Castiglione's beach

..a camera... tracked the whole beach... what you might find when you visit Castiglione della Pescaia

It’s difficult to explain how beautiful a whole beach is, but being able to see 4km of perfect sand in just about a minute is one way to understand what you might find when you get there. We strapped a camera to ourselves and tracked the whole beach...

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Le Rocchette Rocks and Point

At the end of the long sandy beach is Le Rocchette Castle.

At the end of the long sandy beach is Le Rocchette just next to the resort of Baia Azzurra. The rocky point is a great place to swim in the summer with crystal clear waters and a beautiful sandy beach. We visited the rocky point in spring...

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